works with iPhone & iPod touch
with OS 2.2.1 or later

TileTouch is easy enough to pick up and play immediately, with a depth of strategy and addictive gameplay to fill a moment, minutes or hours. Tiles slowly build on the game board at an ever increasing speed. Remove tiles from the board to progress in either Standard timed play with 10 levels of 3 stages each, or survive in Endurance mode.

The increasingly frantic gameplay, instinctive interaction and subtle elements requiring ever more careful strategy unique to each player will keep you coming back again and again to set that new high score or last just that much longer in Endurance mode.

  • 10 beautiful and increasingly fast paced levels with 3 stages each for a total of 30 stages
  • Random gameplay elements and unique player strategies make every game different
  • Standard mode High Scores keep scores as well as the difficulty level and percentage of each stage achieved
  • Endurance mode High Scores keep scores as well as the time survived and the number of tiles cleared
  • Game state saved on exit to return to later

Click here for gameplay video and screenshots

TileTouch is now available for download through iTunes™ on the App Store™.

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How to Play:

The object of TileTouch is simply to remove tiles from the game board.

Tiles are automatically added to the board one at a time during play, or when a tile is removed. Tiles added on top of existing tiles have higher values and different colors in the following order:

...with the tile being the last tile added to a stack before a game-ending tile.

A red 'up' arrow adds one tile to each existing tile but does not add tiles to blank spaces.

A green 'down' arrow removes one tile from each space on the board and adds the total value of removed tiles to the player's score.

The game can be paused by touching the timer at the bottom of the screen. When paused the player can adjust the music and sound fx volume in OPTIONS, QUIT the game or RESUME playing.


In STANDARD mode, the player must remove a certain number of tiles to pass the current game stage. Removing higher value tiles helps reach the goal faster. There are 3 stages per level with a time limit to complete the stage. If time runs out, the game is over. Any time remaining after reaching the goal is added to the next stage and a score bonus is given for time remaining at the end of a level. The game's difficulty setting and the player's level achieved are recorded as part of their high score.


In ENDURANCE mode, the player must survive as long as possible while tiles are added to a single board at an ever increasing speed. The game lasts as long as the player can survive. There are no levels to pass. The player's number of tiles removed and the length of time survived are recorded as part of their high score.


TileTouch version 1.0

All TileTouch game design
and development by:

Jesse Widener

Copyright 2009 Art and Structure
All rights reserved

A special thank you to RayNewbie of the Apple Discussion Forums

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