works with iPhone & iPod touch
with OS 2.2.1 or later

Having trouble with the higher difficulties of TileTouch? Enjoy the game but want to know every nuance? Want to improve your chances to squeeze out the highest of high scores? Check back each week for a new TileTouch gameplay tip.

Some tips may seem simple or obvious but it is how they are used which add to the individual player's strategy. Some of these strategies will be included here.

Be sure to read How to Play on the TileTouch main page.


  • With HARD set as the difficulty, the red "up" arrow must be used to increase the tiles on the board. The player will not have time to wait for the board to build on its own.


  • While it is possible to clear the board under some circumstances, it isn't the goal of the game. Tiles generally appear on the board faster than they can be removed. Focus on points and/or the value of tiles.

  • Higher valued tiles are worth more points. They also reach the completion goal faster to finish a stage than lower valued tiles.

  • Tiles are automatically added to the board at a regular but ever increasing speed. Beyond that however the pace of the game is up to the user. When a tile is touched and removed, another tile is added to the board, so the faster the tiles are touched, the faster they are added to the board.

  • It is better to have a lot of squares on the board covered with medium valued tiles than just a few squares with high valued tiles as the high valued tiles put the player in danger of losing the game.

  • If possible, use the green down arrow when it will finish a stage. Since the player is awarded points for removing one tile on each space of the board even if the removed tiles pass the stage completion goal, extra points can be squeezed out of it. Plus, it will save a little time for later stages or more points as a time bonus when completing the level.

  • The red "up" arrow adds one tile to each tile on the board, which puts the player closer to losing if the highest tile is reached. However the red "up" arrow isn't always a bad thing. It can be used to "pump up" the tiles on the board for higher points and faster stage completion.