works with iPhone & iPod touch
with OS 2.2.1 or later

TileTouch lite offers a taste of TileTouch for those considering purchasing the full game. The lite version is a free download featuring:

  • 3 full levels with 3 stages each offer an introduction to the experience of TileTouch
  • Random gameplay elements make every game different
  • High Scores keep scores as well as the difficulty level and percentage of each stage achieved
  • Game state saved on exit to return to later

See the official TileTouch page for more information on the full version.

TileTouch Lite is now available for download through iTunes™ on the App Store™.


TileTouch lite version 1.0.1

All TileTouch lite game design
and development by:

Jesse Widener

Copyright 2009 Art and Structure
All rights reserved

A special thank you to RayNewbie of the Apple Discussion Forums