Here a grain of sand playing at rest.
A resting sand takes no time at all...not a moment or eternity.
Rest then. Have a time in the sun. Have all time in the sun.
Have all the sun's time and then some. Be deposited
on some primordial plain and be impacted against a mountain's face
long after the mountain has collided and crumbled and be the same
in the end as the beginning; but before the beginning was begun
and after the end was ended. So rather be as before at last,
and at last be as before.

Forget tumbling. Forget all accomplishments.
Forget getting and begetting. Here a grain of sand; play at rest.
A sand as dust; so infinitesimally small and unassuming as to
permeate every nook and cranny of comprehension,
beneath every viscous thought, burrowed into the flesh of the spirit.
An irritant defying complication...defying fact and deification.
Substantially brushed aside but not insubstantial.
Its structure is self evident. Its structure no more
than a single grain and all the grains together such that
a great beach comprises the whole of reality
and in each grain the whole of reality.