There is nothing but the spiritual.

There is no distinction between the "reality" of "dreams" and the "outside world". These are equally valid illusions of consciousness, though the content of "dreams" is conceded to be defined by perception while the "outside world" is simply accepted.

This is consciousness.

As nothingness is defined by the absence of some thing, no thing can itself arrive out of nothingness. Time, by itself, must have a beginning. Only if Time is governed by a timeless principle can it have always existed. The True constitution of existence must always have been. Without a time of inception there is no physical form. Without Time all must exist at once, omnipresently, uniformly and thus as one. There is no differentiation between Life, intelligence, consciousness, etc. Existence is one. This is Truth. As one, Time and timelessness cannot be the same.

Truth is academic. There is nothing but Truth.

The truth of consciousness: There is no Time; There is no action; There is no thought; There is no self. These are illusions of consciousness.

There is no sickness or death; no evil or dysfunction. With all existence as one, eternal harmony is not only implied, it is implicit. Dysfunction is only as valid as the perception in which it resides.

Love is harmony. Every perceived "emotion" reflects a degree of concordance or discordance with this harmony.

The nature of Being is to exist freely.

Perception is an abstraction of Reality; Master to all under its influence.

The perceiver is subject to the perception. If sin, disease, death, hatred, slavery, malice, dishonesty, fear or any other dysfunction are accepted, to this the perceiver is subjected.

If value is placed in a perception to provide fulfillment within itself, the perceiver is slave to that perception.

Aesthetics is understanding. It is all inclusive and cannot be separated or held apart from other considerations.

Creativity is genius. The capacity for creativity is equal in every thing.

Sounds and images are accepted as indefinite. Words are accepted to carry literal meaning. This is to the detriment of the aesthetic word. The shape of the letters are mere symbols, but the literal quality attached to them hinders their expressive potential. What meaning could best be ascribed to a collection of these symbols quickly becomes a means of incarceration as the words of that meaning become the focus rather than the meaning itself.