Isolation is a narrow view obscuring the perfect wholeness and completeness of Reality.

That which exists whether recognized or not, is Reality. That which does not exist is not Reality, though its nature of not existing is real. An idea is Reality in that the idea exists. A thought is Reality in that the thought exists. Reality is by nature, all existence and all non-existence. It is all things, all things possible, all things conceived. The completeness of Reality is perfect in that it can never be incomplete. Nothing can exist which is not Reality, and nothing can be made "unreal" to be taken away from it.

The wholeness of Reality is perfect in that it can not be in parts. It is impossible to isolate some aspect of Reality as separate, just as it is impossible to isolate some aspect of the universe and say it is disconnected from, and unrelated to, the rest of the universe. Nothing can be apart from Reality; it is perfect in its total, inseperable wholeness and completeness.

A forest is more than a grouping of trees. The essence of a forest is a whole, which includes trees as well as all other flora and fauna within it, the ground of the forest floor...the air, and the space which is between and interconnecting everything. The wholeness of a forest also includes the relationships of its parts, its ecosystem, all the events expected or possible within its wholeness over time; the individual events of a single tree to the events of everything in relation to its whole. The essence of a forest contains "time" by nature of these changing relationships, and it is equally "without time" in the idea of its essence i.e. conceiving the essence of a forest implies everything its essence implies, without actually taking place in a material form over time...the idea of a forest implies the trees, other flora, fauna, the ground, the space between, the interrelationships, the ecosystem, the rot, etc.

Everything in and of the forest is the forest, as an inseparable, complete whole. Within the forest, a tree can be referred to in saying "This is the forest", and a fern can be referred to in saying "This is the forest", and a creek bed can be referred to in saying "This is the forest", and all are true because the trees are the forest, with all other flora and fauna, the forest floor, processes and relationships, etc. because their relationship as a whole is implied.

In a dream state, it is generally accepted one consciousness contains the whole of existence: that of the dreamer. Yet though derived of a sole consciousness, the dreamer has only the thoughts and awareness of one's perceived self within the dream i.e. if one dreams of walking through a park, the dreamer is conscious and aware of one's self as that being, thing or creature walking through the park, but generally not simultaneously and consciously aware of also being the trees and grass, the path walked, the sky, the ground, or all the space in between, universally everywhere at once with no distinction of "place" in time or space...despite being one consciousness.

So too in the waking world taken for granted as "reality", we see ourselves materially apart and consciously separate, but Reality is a single consciousness. Consciousness is a forest whose wholeness is Reality.

We "are" existence as a whole, inseparable Reality. As such there is no distinction between "us" and "it". We are "it", as are the planets, the trees, all creatures and things...all forces and energies, the emptiness of space, all chemical and atomic bonds, all thoughts and ideas.

We are alone in that we are isolated by our perspective, and yet we are not alone in that we are apart from nothing.

To be a part of something is to be an incomplete part of a whole but we are only whole, and therefore no part of anything. Thus we are alone in that we are complete, no part of anything, but we are not alone in that we are complete. Whole. Everything.