An airy, naturally well-lit and conditioned composition of formal, fluid and reverant space for studio living.

615 sq. ft. passive solar structure features:

  • Formal entry presenting wide panoramic view
  • Primary living space with raised ceiling, wrap-around full-height windows to interior plant shelf and clerestory transoms
  • Prominant interior planter
  • Floor to ceiling face-flush cabinetry
  • Private elevated terrace accessible only from residence interior
  • Concrete walls with superior sound insulation for a greater silence
  • Generous, well-presented wall space for display
Natural heating and cooling:
  • Wood and concrete design orchestrated to absorb heat during the day, and release at night maintianing natural relative internal temperatures without aid of mechanical heating or cooling
  • Roof overhang modulates direct sun entering structure throughout the year to further aid interior climate
  • Operable clerestory transoms in raised living room provide secure, year-round air circulation
  • Comprehensive total planning of design for exceptional energy efficiency
Other amenities:
  • Oversized tub/shower
  • Formal vanity adjacent to bathroom
  • Built-in laundry unit