I have experience on over 150 projects of widely varying scope providing comprehensive, detailed work achieving the cleanest, simplest, most cost-effective solutions. My most recent project, the Milani/Vitale Addition, took less than 45 days from the client signing contracts, to City/County approved plans on first submission.

The State of Oregon prohibits anyone from using the title of "Architect" unless they are licensed by the state as such to design large public buildings. A state license is not required to design single-family residences, small multi-family residences and small commercial or public buildings. I provide the services and functions of a typical architect at a fraction of the cost because I love the art, but despise the socialization of that same art. Nonetheless, I am able to design larger projects when partnering with a registered architect. If you would like to enlist my design ability for such a project, do not hesitate to ask.

Contact information for recent clients familiar with the value and skill of my work is available upon request.


Initial consultation: $35 plus a nominal fee for mileage (waived if the destination is less than 10 miles).

An initial consultation includes an extensive discussion of the project, advising on the feasibility or alternatives to achieve the desired outcome, possible issues and/or restrictions to consider and very rudimentary sketches to convey design ideas as necessary. These sketches are not intended for plan submission; they are merely for reference as talking points.

After an initial consultation I can provide an estimate for the extent of my services, usually ranging from 2 to 5 percent of the total project cost; generally a half or third as much as a registered architect typically charges.

The Design/Build Timeline

Every project varies in scope and involves multiple parties. The most simple projects may not require design/drafting services and may be ready to build in 30 days or less. The most extensive projects may require the services of myself, an engineer, outside manufacturers/contractors/services as well as the permit/approval process. Each party or step in the process has varying timelines. My job is to provide a buildable set of plans which meet the project scope and are approved by the local jurisdiction. During the scope of my work on a project which involves multiple parties, my timeline will be partly dependent on theirs. Once building begins, I am available to address issues which arise in construction, but I am neither a contractor nor will I step in the way as a construction manager. The actual timeline for building is subject to the complexity of the project, funding, and such incalculable things as weather.

Architectural Styles

I will design to be consistent with the style of an existing building when performing remodels or additions as appropriate. I have no interest in imitating existing styles in new construction. There are any number of architects, builders or stock plan services who are more than happy to provide typical stylizations. If you are coming to me for new construction I will assume you have reviewed my design work on this site and want something uniquely special and of potentially historic, artistic and cultural relevance.