Klamath Falls, Oregon
Project Stats

Existing 3 bedroom / 2 bath residence: 1200 sq. ft.
New 3 bedroom / 2 bath 2-story addition: 737 sq. ft.

Total 6 bedroom / 3 bath residence: 1937 sq. ft.

Construction Type

Conventional wood-frame construction, CMU foundation, TJI joists and truss roof

Project Cost

not provided

Project Scope

2 adults and 5 children in need of living space beyond the current residence's 3 bedroom / 2 bath configuration. Client wishes to add 3 additional bedrooms and 2 more bathrooms, with a limited budget, understanding one existing bathroom will be lost to allow access to the new addition.

Design Challenges

Client has a very limited budget and wants a "no-frills" solution, while accommodating their needs. In addition, the project site is small and City regulations limit the percentage of a site to build on. The existing house and a dilapidated 1-car garage are already near the capacity allowed. Inside, the existing floor plan is not to be altered except as necessary, but the offset arrangement of existing walls and rooms result in a dark, meandering hallway leading to the eventual new addition. Lastly, there is a desire to build without losing the shade, privacy and character of a tree near the back of the lot where the new addition would extend.